University of Washington Tacoma Joy Building


Built in 1892 during Tacoma's railroad boom days, the Russell T. Joy Building has been home to businesses that made candy, wood stoves, paper and gloves, as well as sold Studebakers. The two-story brick and heavy timber building received a third floor in the early 1900s after a fire gutted the interior of the building. The modern day owner, University of Washington Tacoma, determined to renovate and modernize the historic structure. Seismic upgrades provided new life, along with the addition of sixteen classrooms, seminar rooms, and two large lecture halls. Shotcrete walls were added to stabilize existing brick and improve seismic performance while concrete topping over the wood framed floor was poured to meet University standards. The result is a beautiful, modern 46,238 square-foot facility located along Tacoma's historic Pacific Avenue.

photography by Janette Ryan