University of Washington Tacoma Campus


Phase 1
Located in Tacoma’s Union Station neighborhood, the original phase of construction for UW Tacoma involved the adaptive reuse of several historic, multi-story masonry industrial warehouses that were originally constructed in the late 1800’s.  The 126,000 SF renovation and seismic upgrade of six industrial warehouse buildings, along with the new Library addition, dramatically transformed the downtown Tacoma area.  The program layout gutted much of the interior of the building, providing 5 story tall atriums and a unique learning environment, all the while maintaining the historical significance of the exterior facades.  
Phase 2
Phase 2 continued to expand the campus, and provided additional state-of the art facilities.  Six more multi-story unreinforced-masonry warehouse buildings – the Dougan Building, Cherry Parkes Building and the Mattress Factory Building, totaling nearly 160,000 SF – were renovated and seismically upgraded.  The new Science Building is a 57,361 SF three story building, constructed of a concrete pan joist system with concrete shear walls.  The Keystone Building is a 10,946 SF Auditorium and office facility with a composite steel floor system and steel roof joists.