Tacoma Dome Sports and Convention Center


When the Tacoma Dome was constructed in 1983, it was the world’s largest wooden dome facility in the country. It was also one of the earliest and largest design-build competition projects in the nation. As the primary structural engineer for all structures supporting the timber-dome roof designed by Western Wood Structures, PCS—then Chalker Engineers—contained the base of the roof with a post-tensioned concrete tension ring. The timbers used to frame the roof were harvested from trees blown down due to eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

Today, the Dome remains the largest indoor venue in Washington State, and PCS Structural Solutions continues to provide design expertise as the dome is continually improved to support new generations of patrons. In 2018, a $31-million renovation was completed which replaced the entire flexible seating system, added new concrete slabs throughout the majority of the building, replaced and increased floor-level restrooms, added custom high-end artist quarters upgrades and new loading docks, replaced cladding at the ticket booths, and designed upgrades to the MEP systems. New wood cladding at the exterior highlights a refresh of the Dome's appearance and complements the interior wood finishes and timber dome roof.
Photo credit: Dane Gregory